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Duesenberg Model J Parts List

This list is not comprehensive. Please contact us with your parts needs.
Part Number Part Name
0109 5/16-24 X 5/8 Hex head cap screw, cadmium
0110 5/16-24 X 7/8 Hex head cap screw, cadmium
0111 3/8-24 X 1 1/8 Hex head cap screw, cadmium
0112 3/8-24 X 2 1/2 Hex head cap screw
0140 Hex head cap screw 5/16-24 x 1 1/2 s.a.e. med. thd.
0144 Castle nut 3/8-24 s.a.e. med thd.
0153 5/16-24 X 3/4 Hex head cap screw, cadmium
0154 3/8-24 X 1 1/4 Hex head cap screw, cadmium
0156 5/16-24 X 1 1/4 Hex head cap screw, cadmium
0160 5/16-24 X 1/2 Hex head cap screw, cadmium
0164 1/2-20 castle nut, SAE med thread
0168 3/8-24 X 1 Hex head cap screw, cadmium
0178 3/8-24 X 7/8 Hex head cap screw, cadmium
0182 Zerk lubricator fitting (straight) 1/8 p th.
0186 Castle nut 5/16-24
0188 1/4-28 X 3/4 Hex head cap screw, cadmium
0210 3/8-24 x 1 3/8 Hex head cap screw, cadmium
0221 Flare tube elbow 1/4 tbe. x 1/8 pipe thd s.a.e. stud
0242 3/8-24 X 3/4 Hex head cap screw, cadmium
0250 1/4-24 Hex nut, cadmium
0273 1/4-28 X 1/2 Hex head cap screw, cadmium
0282 Knurled nut 8-32 x 7/16 dia.
0289 3/8-24 X 1 1/2 Hex head cap screw, cadmium
0300 5/16-24 X 1 Hex head cap screw, cadmium
0321 Hood catch rivets
0331 1/4-28 X 1 Hex head cap screw, cadmium
0369 1/4-28 X 5/8 Hex head cap screw, cadmium
0372 5/16-24 X 1 5/8 Hex head cap screw, cadmium
0493 5/16-24 X 1 1/8 Hex head cap screw, cadmium
0500 1/4-28 X 7/8 Hex head cap screw, cadmium
0501 3/8-24 x 1 5/8 Hex head cap screw, cadmium
0502 1/4 Plain yoke end
0503 5/16-24 x 1 3/8 Hex head cap screw, cadmium
0513 Flare tube (s.a.e. long) 3/8 t-nut ch.
0514 Tee fitting (Zenith fuel filter)
A- 107 Waterjacket plate
A- 141 Inner valve spring
A- 142 Outer valve spring
A-2862-A Model A water outlet
A-3817 Accelerator guide pivot step bolt
A-3818 Accelerator guide pivot tension spring
J- 109 Main bearing stud
J- 110 Main bearing stud nut
J- 112 Rear main bearing oil retainer
J- 114 Cylinder water plate
J- 116 Cylinder water inlet plate
J-121 Rear ain bearing oil retainer gasket
J- 124 Cylinder water plate screw
J- 124- 1 Cylinder water plate copper washer
J- 124- 2 Water Jacket Screws 1/4-28 thread
J- 125 Chain case lower cover
J- 126 Chain case upper cover
J- 127 Chain case cap
J- 129 Chain case lower cover LH gasket
J- 128 Chain case lower RH gasket
J- 130 Main bearing bushing retainer screw
J- 131 Chain case upper cover RH gasket
J- 132 Chain case upper cover LH gasket
J- 133 Chain case cap gasket
J- 134 Chain case cap center gasket
J- 135 Chain case cap stud
J- 136 Chain case cap nut
J- 137 Chain case cap long screw 5/16-24
J- 141 Oil filler body gasket
J- 138 Chain case cap short screw
J- 142 Oil filler body cap
J- 143 Oil filler body cap spring
J- 144 Oil filler body cap pin
J- 147 Chain case upper cover dowel screw
J- 148 Chain case upper cover dowel screw nut
J- 149 Chain case upper cover long screw
J- 151 Breather body gasket
J- 153 Breather body cap
J- 154 Headlamp bracket clamp screw
J- 154-A Lower chain case cap screw
J- 158 Oil gauge float
J-159 Oil gauge float brackets
J- 160 Oil gauge float bracket screw
J- 163 Oil gauge bevel pinion
J- 165 Oil gauge flexible shaft lower end
J- 167 Oil gauge indicator used to engine #242
J- 167-B Oil gauge indicator used after engine #242
J- 168 Oil gauge flexible shaft upper end (used to engine 242)
J- 168-B Oil gauge flexible shaft upper end (used after engine 242)
J- 169 Oil gauge bevel gear
J- 171 Oil gauge face plate
J- 172 Oil gauge indicator nut (discontinued after engine 242)
J- 179-AA Oil drain valve spring
J- 186 Oil drain valve control cable
J- 187 Oil drain flexible shaft packing nut
J- 189 Oil drain valve lever
J- 191 Oil drain valve lever screw
J- 200-AB Oil pan
J- 201 Oil pan RH gasket
J- 203 Oil pan front packing
J- 204 Oil pan rear packing
J- 205-AA Oil pan baffle plate
J- 206-AA Oil pan screen
J- 207 Oil pan to oil pump packing
J- 208 Oil pan strainer body
J- 210 Oil pan strainer screen (reinforcement)
J-211 Oil pan strainer body gasket
J- 213 Oil pan baffle plate screw
J- 214 Oil pan strainer body short stud
J- 215 Oil pan strainer body long stud
J- 301 Crankshaft thrust washer
J- 303 Crankshaft oil hole plug gasket
J- 306 Connecting rod bushing
J- 309-C Connecting rod
J- 320 Flywheel bolt
J- 322 Flywheel housing to transmission stud
J- 323 Flywheel housing cover plate
J- 325 Starting jaw cap
J- 326 Starting jaw packing
J- 327 Starting jaw cap gasket
J- 328 Starting jaw spring
J- 339 Crankshaft counterweight bolt
J- 401 Cylinder head gasket
J- 402 Cylinder head short stud
J- 402-X Cylinder head long stud
J- 404-A Cylinder head stud nut
J- 405 Cylinder head stud tall nut
J- 406-AA Intake valve
J- 407-AA Exhaust valve
J- 408 Valve guide
J- 409 Inner valve springs
J- 410-AA Outer valve springs
J- 411 Valve spring retainer
J- 413-A-D Valve tappets
J- 416 Valve tappet guide
J- 417 Valve tappet guide clamp
J- 418 Valve tappet guide clamp stud
J- 420-AA Valve tappet adjusting nut
J- 459 Camshaft bearing stud
J- 463 Cam cover rear cap
J- 464 Intake cam front cover gasket
J- 465 Intake cam rear cover gasket
J- 466 Exhaust cam cover gasket
J- 467 Cam cover rear cap gasket
J- 468 Cam cover front & center packing
J- 469-AA Cam cover rear packing
J- 475 Cam cover small hand nut retaining wire
J- 476 Cam cover small hand nut retainer
J- 480 Cam cover large hand nut retaining wire
J- 482 Cam cover large hand nut retainer
J- 485 Camshaft plug
J- 488 Intake & exhaust cam rear cover nut gasket
J- 489 Tachometer plug
J- 490 Tachometer drive cover
J- 558 Lower chain
J- 559 Upper chain
J- 561 Crankshaft sprocket lock washer
J- 562 Generator shaft sprocket oil slinger
J-563 Water pump shaft sprocket lock washer
J- 564 Water pump shaft sprocket lock nut
J- 567 Camshaft sprocket cap screw
J-571-1 Transfer sprocket shaft stud
J- 572 Transfer sprocket washer
J- 574 Adjusting sprocket bushing
J- 575-A Tensioner adjusting spring
J- 576 Tensioner adjusting spring washer
J- 578 Tensioner adjusting sprocket ratchet washer
J- 579 Adjusting sprocket washer
J- 585 Transfer sprocket assembly stud
J- 586 Adjusting sprocket assembly stud
J- 587 Timing chain tensioner ratchet pin spring
J-588 Tensioner ratchet plate spring
J- 650 Generator assembly
J- 650- 3 Generator pole shoe screw
J- 650- 8 Generator left hand field coil
J- 650- 9 Generator right hand field coil
J- 650-10 Generator armature
J- 650-14 Generator brush
J- 650-14A Generator third brush
J- 650-26 Generator commutator cover band
J- 650-27 Generator thru bolt
J- 650-31 Generator (C.E.) ball bearing
J- 650-32 Generator (C.E.) dust cap
J-650-34 Generator dust cap screw
J- 650-36 Generator (both ends) oiler
J- 650-43 Generator (dead end) shaft collar
J- 650-44 Generator (dead end) ball bearing
J- 650-51 Generator shaft washer
J- 650-52 Generator drive end frame
J- 651 Distributor assembly
J-651-1 Distributor cap
J- 651- 3 Distributor rotor
J- 651 -3-A Distributor rotor brush spring 1/2"
J- 651- 3-B Distributor rotor carbon brush
J- 651- 3-C Distributor rotor brush spring 3/4"
J- 651- 4 Distributor condensor assembly
J- 651- 5-A Distributor cap locating bushing pin
J- 651 -5- 2 Distributor upper cup bearing repair bushing
J- 651- 6 Distributor lower cup
J- 651-22 Contact point and support (lower) assembly
J- 651-23 Contact point and support (upper) assembly
J-651- 24 Distributor breaker arm
J-651-25 Distributor breaker arm spring screw
J-651-31 Distributor upper breaker plate fastening screw
J-651-35 Breaker cup fastening screw
J- 651-36 Distributor terminal stud
J-651-37 Distributor Terminal Insulation
J-651-39 Distributor Terminal Stud Bushing
J- 651-42 Distributor terminal screw clip
J- 651-49 Distributor cam
J- 651-50 Distributor govenor weight
J- 651-66 Distributor ball bearing
J- 651-67 Distributor oiler
J- 651-68 Distributor oiler spout
J- 651-69 Distributor mounting screw
J- 651-72 Distributor, bushing
J- 652 Ignition coil (including switch & keys)
J- 652- 1 Ignition coil lock
J- 652- 6 Ignition coil switch spring
J- 652- 9 Ignition coil switch plate fastening screw
J- 652-12 Ignition coil lock screw
J-652-12-B Ignition coil lock screw (alternate, large threads)
J- 652-17 Ignition coil front cover assembly
J- 652-18 Ignition coil switch bracket and insulator assembly
J-652-22 Coil mounting plate and strap assembly
J-652-23 Ignition coil switch bracket
J-652-28 Ignition coil switch contact blade bracket without lug
J-652-29 Ignition coil switch contact blade bracket with lug
J-652-42 Ignition coil terminal (brass)
J-652-43 Ignition coil rivet (brass)
J- 653- 1 Starting motor switch assembly ($185.00 if providing core)
J- 653- 7 Starting motor pole shoe screw
J- 653- 8 Starting motor terminal insulation strip
J- 653- 9 Starting motor switch contact
J- 653-14 Starting motor terminal nut
J- 653-21 Starting motor armature
J- 653-24 Starting motor D.E. bearing plate assembly
J- 653-26 Starting motor commutator cover band
J- 653-28 End frame fastening (C.E.) screw
J- 653-30 Bendix housing fastening screw
J- 653-40 Bendix pinion & screw shaft assembly
J- 653-43 Bendix shaft spring screw
J- 653-44 Bendix locking washer
J- 653-45 Bendix head spring screw
J- 653-48 Motor brush
J- 653-55 Motor terminal stud nut
J- 653-A Starting motor (10 tooth pinion) assembly
J- 654 Generator coupling disc screw
J- 656 Distributor clamp plate screw
J-657 Distributor control bearing screw
J- 658 Distributor base short stud
J- 660 Generator drive shaft front bearing
J- 662 Distributor driven gear
J- 663 Distributor control shaft bearing
J- 664 Distributor control shaft bearing gasket
J- 665 Distributor control shaft
J- 666 Distributor clamp plate
J- 667 Distributor clamp plate spring
J- 668 Distributor base long stud
J- 669 Generator drive coupling disc castle nut
J- 671 Distributor control shaft lever
J-673 Distributor gear driven lock spring
J- 674 Distributor control shaft pinion
J- 675 Distributor advance plate
J- 675- 1 Distributor advance plate rivet
J- 676 Distributor control gear segment
J- 677 Generator drive coupling disc washer
J- 679 Generator drive shaft rear housing gasket
J- 680 Generator shaft rear housing cap screw
J- 681 Generator drive shaft
J- 682 Generator drive shaft thrust washer
J- 683 Generator drive shaft rear oil slinger
J- 685 Generator drive shaft coupling
J- 687 Generator drive coupling shaft
J- 689 Generator drive coupling shaft pilot
J- 690 Generator drive coupling disc
J- 691 Generator coupling
J- 692 Generator coupling nut
J- 693 Generator coupling lock washer
J- 698 Generator strap stud
J- 699 Generator strap nut
J- 705 Ignition wire eye assembly
J- 707 Ignition wire eye spacer nut
J- 708 Ignition wire eye screw
J- 750 Water pump drive shaft bearing
J- 754 Water pump thrust & fan pulley nut
J- 755-AA Water pump coupling
J- 757 Water pump shaft
J- 758-AA Water pump impeller
J- 762 Water pump packing gland
J- 766 Water pump body bushing nut
J- 767 Water pump body pilot plate
J- 769 Water pump cover gasket
J- 770 Radiator outlet to pipe hose (first 250 cars)
J- 771 Water pump hose clamp assembly
J- 773 Water pump body cover long screw
J- 775 Water pump outlet elbow
J-776 Water pump outlet elbow gasket
J- 778 Water pump to cylinder screw
J- 785- 2 Fan blade cap screw
J- 785- 4 Fan blade front cap
J- 785- 5 Fan hub gasket
J- 785- 6 Fan pulley front bearing adjusting spring
J- 785- 8 Fan blade clamp washer
J- 785- 9 Fan pulley front bearing
J- 785-10 Fan oil plug
J- 785-12 Fan pulley rear bearing
J- 785-13 Fan rear gasket
J-785-14 Fan cork retainer washer
J- 785-15 Fan cork washer
J- 785-18 Fan eccentric
J- 785-19 Fan spindle
J- 785-22 Fan eccentric & spindle assembly
J- 785-B Fan assembly (used after 250 cars)
J- 789 Fan drive pulley
J- 790 Fan drive pulley lock washer
J- 792 Fan belt
J- 853 Oil pump pressure tube
J- 855 Oil pump pressure tube packing gland
J- 857 Oil pump gear
J- 858 Oil pump idler gear
J- 859 Oil pump body to cylinder screw
J- 860 Oil pump drive shaft upper bushing
J- 861 Oil pump drive shaft lower bushing
J-864 Oil pump drive shaft coupling
J- 869 Oil pump pressure tube spring
J- 870 Oil pump pressure tube upper gasket
J- 882-B Relief valve spring
J- 906 Downdraft carburetor spacer
J- 907 Downdraft carburetor gasket
J- 913 Flood tube double clip
J- 917 Intake manifold cylinder head water outlet
J- 918 Intake manifold cylinder head water fitting anchor
J- 919 Intake manifold cylinder head water fitting anchor assembly
J- 921 Intake air cleaner elbow
J- 922 Water outlet tee bolt
J- 925 Intake water outlet elbow
J- 926 Downdraft intake manifold cylinder head water fitting
J- 927 Intake manifold water inlet elbow (updraft)
J- 928 Intake manifold water inlet hose (updraft)
J- 935 Intake manifold water jacket outlet hose clamp
J- 936 Intake manifold water jacket inlet hose clamp
J- 937 Intake manifold water jacket outlet hose
J- 938 Updraft manifold water outlet pipe
J- 938-A Down draft manifold water outlet pipe
J- 938-S Updraft manifold water outlet pipe (Vee-Type)
J- 968 Exhaust manifold washer
J- 969-AA Exhaust manifold gasket
J- 970 Exhaust manifold stud
J- 971 Exhaust manifold clamp
J- 972 Exhaust manifold clamp stud
J- 980- 1 Updraft manifold water outlet pipe
J-981 Intake manifold gasket
J- 983 Intake core hole plug
J- 984 Intake manifold carburetor gasket
J-988 Intake hot water connection gasket
J- 989 Intake manifold core hole plug gasket
J-990-3 Carburetor needle valve #5
J- 990- 13 Carburetor air bend
J- 990- 1-A Carburetor float
J- 990- 41 Carburetor float valve seat
J-990-93 Carburetor dash return spring
J-995-AA Water outlet manifold gasket
J- 996 Water outlet manifold stud
J- 997- 1-A Purolator refill element
J- 997- 1-AS Purolator refill element
J- 997- 2 Purolator case gasket
J- 997- 3-A Purolator case retaining nut gasket
J- 997- 4-A Purolator case retaining nut
J- 997- 5 Purolator case (used to engine #148)
J- 997- 5-A Purolator case (used after engine #148)
J- 997- 7 Purolator base
J- 997- 8 Purolator drain cock
J- 997- 9 Purolator countersunk pipe plug
J- 997-11 Purolator blowoff cover screw
J- 997-12 Purolator blowoff ball
J- 997-13 Purolator blowoff ball spring
J- 997-14-A Purolator center post (used after motor #148)
J- 997-15 Purolator base packing
J- 998 Oil filter base gasket
J- 999 Oil filter stud
J-1000 Oil filter stud nut
J-1001 Oil filter cork sealing ring
J-1003 Exhaust manifold nuts 3/8-24
J-1004 Exhaust manifold clamp nut 7/16-20
J-1011 Crankcase ventilator flange screw
J-1014 Motometer manifold connection adaptor
J-1025 Exhaust manifold
J-1027-B Exhaust manifold closing plate, 2 piece manifold
J-1029 Exhaust hot air valve cover screw
J-1031 Hot air tube flange gasket
J-1032 Hot air valve cover gasket
J-1049 Control bellows cap gasket
J-1051 Front exhaust manifold
J-1052 Rear exhaust manifold
J-1071 Rear main bearing oil drain packing
J-1103 Fuel pump filter bowl
J-1105 Fuel pump driven gear
J-1106 Fuel pump bellows housing
J-1108 Fuel pump drive shaft bearing
J-1110 Fuel pump drive housing
J-1111 Fuel pump drive housing cover
J-1112 Fuel pump drive housing cover gasket
J-1113 Fuel pump housing cover gasket
J-1115 Fuel pump bellows spring
J-1116-A Fuel pump operating tappet
J-1117 Fuel pump operating tappet rod
J-1118 Fuel pump handle
J-1119 Fuel pump housing thrust plate
J-1119- 1 Thrust block rivet
J-1121- 1 Fuelpump bellows stud plate
J-1121- 3 Fuelpump bellows front plate
J-1122 Fuel pump housing 1/4-20 fillister head screw
J-1124 Signal box gasket
J-1125 Signal box
J-1126 Signal box cover
J-1127 Signal box cover gasket
J-1128 Signal box long stud
J-1129 Signal box cover stud
J-1130 Signal box stud nut 1/4-24
J-1130- 1 Fuel pump handle acorn nut 1/4-28
J-1133 Signal box drive shaft
J-1134 Signal box drive shaft bearing
J-1135 Signal box drive shaft washer
J-11362 Supercharger purolator attaching bolt
J-1137 Signal box sun pinion shaft
J-11396 Supercharger carburetor linkage (type 1)
J-11397 Supercharger carburetor linkage (type 2)
J-1143 Chassis lubricator pump operating lever
J-1146 Signal box assembly
J-1150-A Chassis lubricator pump assembly
J-1152 Chassis lubricator pump piston spring
J-1153 Chassis lubricator pump outlet adapter
J-1155 Chassis lubricaror pump packing gland
J-1157 Chassis lubricator pump housing gasket
J-1158-10 Chassis lubricator pump piston cup
J-1160 Chassis lubricator pump cylinder gasket
J-1161 Chassis lubricator pump cap stud
J-1162-A Chassis lubricator pump valve spring
J-1164 Chassis lubricator pump housing screw
J-1167-A Chassis lubricator pump felt clamp plate assembly
J-1168 Chassis lubricator pump felt
J-1169 Chassis lubricator pump felt support
J-1170 Signal box switch cover
J-1173 Signal box pump timing arm
J-1175 Signal light contact arm pivot
J-1178 Signal box terminal post bushing
J-1179 Chassis lubricator pump regulator
J-1180 Chassis lubricator pump regulator guide screw
J-1182 Chassis lubricator pump regulator spring
J-1183 Chassis lubricator pump regulator stop screw
J-1187 Signal box contact arm screw
J-1188 Signal box switch cover gasket
J-1203 Fuel pump bellows housing insulating gasket
J-1221 Fuel pump filter screw
J-1222 Fuel pump filter screw washer
J-1226 Fuel pump intake valve plug
J-1227 Fuel pump valve
J-1229 Fuel pump valve spring
J-1230-A Fuel pump pressure regulator assembly
J-1231 Fuel pump valve plug gasket
J-1235 Fuel pump filter bowl gasket
J-1247-A Fuel pump pressure regulator post plug
J-1250 Fuel pump bellows housing gasket
J-1253 Fuelpump bellows
J-1263 Bellows housing and filler block assembly
J-1271 Chassis lubricator switch body
J-1272 Chassis lubricator switch sylphon assembly
J-1273 Chassis lubricator switch sylphon bellows
J-1276 Chassis lubricator switch sylphon gasket
J-1277 Chassis lubricator switch sylphon spring
J-1279 Chassis lubricator switch terminal post
J-1283 Chassis lubricator switch insulator bushing
J-1290- 3 Fuel pump regulator switch body
J-1295 Fuel pump drive housing vent plate
J-1296 Fuel pump drive housing vent plate gasket
J-1298-A Fuel pump housing
J-1300 Autopulse gas pump assembly
J-1300-A Autopulse gasket set
J-1313 Autopulse glass bowl gasket
J-1314 Autopulse cap screw gasket
J-1315 Autopulse cupped washer gasket
J-1316 Autopulse manifold screw
J-1318 Autopulse manifold screw gasket
J-1319 Autopulse gas pump manifold
J-1325 Autopulse cover gasket
J-1334 Autopulse valve gasket
J-1335 Autopulse filter screen
J-1337 Autopulse filter screen gasket
J-1339 Autopulse bellows gasket
J-1340 Autopulse valve disk gasket
J-1378 Supercharger drive worm wheel front bearing
J-1382 Supercharger carburetor steering gear rod assembly
J-1408 Supercharger drive housing cover bracket
J-1409 Supercharger drive housing cover gasket
J-1421 Supercharger drive worm wheel bearing
J-1445 Supercharger impeller bearing
J-1464 Supercharger impeller stud
J-1467 Supercharger drain plug
J-1479 Supercharger purolator bracket
J-1481 Supercharger water pump drive shaft
J-1483-A Water inlet plate supercharged plain
J-1483-AA Water inlet plate supercharged ribbed
J-1484 Cylinder waer inlet plate deflector supercharged
J-1485 Water plate supercharged, front plain
J-1485-A Cylinder water plate supercharged front ribbed
J-1488 Supercharger water pump inlet pipe
J-1498 Supercharger front universal flange bolt
J-1505 Clutch release bearing
J-1506 Clutch release sleeve
J-1507 Clutch pilot bearing
J-1510 Clutch throwout bearing spring
J-1513 Clutch driven plate seperator spring
J-1514 Clutch separator spring rivet
J-15213 Outside exhaust flange gasket
J-15227 Flex casting, outside exhaust
J-15227-A External exhaust flexible casting
J-15253-A External exhaust cutout control handle bracket
J-15256 External exhaust rear y branch cover
J-15257 External exhaust rear y branch and cover stud
J-15259 External exhaust rear y branch cover
J-1525 Clutch torsion spring
J-1529 Clutch release lever bolt
J-1530 Clutch release bolt lock nut
J-1532 Clutch release lever spring
J-1535 Clutch pressure spring
J-15365 Supercharger - body cutout
J-15366 Supercharger - cover cutout
J-15368 Supercharger - lever cutout
J-15373 Spring for exhaust cutout
J-15374 Supercharger - link (brake toggle)
J-1538 Clutch adjusting screw spring
J-15386 Cutout control pulley bracket
J-15388 Cutout control bottom lever
J-15389 Cutout control handle shaft
J-15393 Supercharger - link cutout support
J-15394 Supercharger - bolt (cutout support eye)
J-15396 UUR-2 Throttle Lever
J-1541 Clutch front driven plate
J-1546 Clutch rear driven plate
J-1548-A Clutch center drive plate
J-1550-A Clutch pressure plate
J-1554 Friction springs
J-1557 Release lever tension springs
J-1564 Clutch release shaft key washer
J-1570 Clutch pedal assembly
J-1571 Brake pedal assembly
J-1575 Clutch & brake pedal pad cover
J-1576 Clutch & brake pedal slot grommet
J-1578 Clutch & brake pedal spring
J-1579 Clutch and brake pedal spring clip
J-1581 Brake pedal spacer
J-1583 Clutch pedal adjusting lever
J-1584 Brake pedal RH stop pad
J-1585 Clutch pedal LH stop pad
J-1586 Brake pedal LH stop pad
J-1587 Clutch pedal RH stop pad
J-17150 Engine right #2 pan OSX
J-17151 Engine side pan Right #2 osx
J-17152 Engine right #3 side pan OSX
J-1752 Transmission clutch brake shoe
J-1753 Transmission clutch brake shoe fork
J-1754 Transmission clutch brake shaft
J-1755 Transmission clutch brake rod slide block
J-1825 Gear shift lever knob adapter
J-1944 Speedometer driven gear bushing
J-1952 Transmission main shaft
J-1955 Transmission main drive gear bearing retainer
J-1956 Transmission case pan
J-1961 Transmission eccentric gear
J-1962 Transmission oil retainer rear washer
J-1965 Transmission direct and second speed clutch
J-1966 Transmission main drive gear
J-1967 Transmission reverse idler gear bushing
J-1968 Transmission second speed drive gear
J-1969 Transmission main shaft snap ring
J-1970 Transmission main shaft rear bearing retainer
J-1976 Backup switch plunger
J-1977 Transmission countershaft gear bearing
J-1979 Gear shift lever ball socket pin
J-1988 Control bracket dust felt
J-1992 Transmission shift fork lock screw
J-1995 Transmission interlock plunger
J-1996 Transmission interlock plunger spring
J-1999 Transmission eccentric gear snap ring
J-2001 Hand brake lever
J-2003-1 Hand brake lever spoon screw
J-2004 Hand brake shoe anchor bolt
J-2005 Hand brake shoe upper pawl rod
J-2008 Hand brake pawl rod lever bell crank
J-2016 Hand brake pawl spring
J-2017 Hand brake lever ratchet
J-2022 Transmission main shaft race lock screw
J-2023 Transmission eccentric gear bearing race lock screw
J-2025 Transmission idler gear shaft
J-2026 Transmission idler and countershaft lock plate
J-2027 Transmission eccentric gear bearing
J-2028 Transmission main shaft bearing washer
J-2030 Clutch gear shift collar
J-2031 Clutch gear shift collar pin
J-2032 Clutch gear shift collar ring
J-2033 Clutch throwout shaft bushing
J-2034 Transmission main drive gear bearing retainer
J-2036 Transmission spline shaft nut
J-2037 Companion Flange Washer
J-2039 Shift frame vent plug
J-2040 Transmission main drive shaft ball bearing
J-2043 Transmission main shaft rear ball bearing
J-2044 Clutch release RH shaft
J-2045 Clutch release LH shaft
J-2047 Transmission main shaft front bearing
J-2047-IR Transmission main shaft front bearing inner race
J-2047-OR Transmission main shaft front bearing outer race
J-2047-R Transmission main shaft front bearing
J-2048 Companion flange (universal joint)
J-2049 Hand brake link assembly
J-2210 Hand brake shoe
J-2212 Hand brake drum
J-2215 Hand brake screw
J-2216 Hand brake splined screw
J-2218 Hand brake screw lever
J-2222 Hand brake shoe pivot sleeve
J-2227 Hand brake adjusting nut
J-2229 Hand brake anchor plate center bolt
J-2230 Hand brake anchor plate
J-2231 Hand brake shoe spring
J-2232 Hand brake spring retainer washer
J-2238 Hand brake shoe equalizer sleeve
J-2240 Hand brake lever spring
J-2505 Propeller shaft bearing
J-2506 Steering knuckle pivot pin lock
J-2508-A Front axle pivot pin hydraulic packing
J-2509 Front axle hydraulic packing screw
J-2517 Brake shoe
J-2518 Front wheel hub bearing spacer
J-2522 Front hub locating pin
J-2528-A Steering pivot pin thrust ball bearing
J-2529 Thrust ball bearing cover
J-2530 Thrust ball bearing cover felt
J-2534 Steering knuckle radial ball bearing
J-2535 Steering knuckle radial bearing cover
J-2536 Steering knuckle radial bearing felt
J-2537-10 Tie rod RH socket and stud assembly
J-2537-11 Tie rod LH socket and stud assembly
J-2537-12 Tie rod socket dust cover
J-2537-13 Tie rod socket dust cover shield
J-2537-14 Tie rod leather covered spring
J-2537-16 Tie rod bolt
J-2538- 1 Radial bearing felt seal
J-2539 Steering arm bolt
J-2545 Brake cylinder boot
J-2546 Front hub bearing retainer felt
J-2548 Thrust bearing retainer nut lock plate
J-2552 Front brake upper cover stud
J-2554 Toggle support friction washer
J-2555 Brake toggle support bushing
J-2556 Brake toggle pin
J-2557 Brake shoe anchor pin
J-2558 Hydraulic brake piston
J-2559 Hydraulic brake piston steel insert
J-2562 Brake cylinder seal cup
J-2564-A Brake shoe springs
J-2565 Front brake RH adjusting cover
J-2566 Front brake LH adjusting cover
J-2567 Front brake bleeder cover
J-2568 Front brake adjusting cover hinge screw
J-2568-A Adjusting cover hinge screw (1/4-28 thread)
J-2568-B Adjusting cover hinge screw
J-2576 Front axle tie rod ball stud washer
J-3007-A Bevel pinion nut lock washer
J-3008 Differential bearing nut lock washer
J-3013 Rear brake upper half cover
J-3014 Rear brake lower half cover
J-3014-1 Rear brake lower half cover stud
J-3024 Wire wheel LH rear hub
J-3025 Wire wheel bearing retainer bolt

Differential right side ball bearing*
*Sold as exchange with usable core - price w/o exchange is $1500.00

J-3035-A Differential gear cover (used after first 250 cars)
J-3050 Rear wheel cylinder
J-3050-S Rear wheel cylinder sleeved in stainless
J-3056 Rear brake cover bolt
J-3070 Differential oil slinger
J-3071 Differential inner pinion roller bearing
J-3072 Rear wheel bearing
J-3349 Ring and pinion 16-57
J-3452 Torque tube assembly
J-3482 Torque tube yoke shock insulator
J-3485 Torque yoke insulator bracket cap
J-3486 Torque yoke 153 1/2" W.B. insulator RH bracket
J-3487 Torque yoke 153 1/2" W.B. insulator LH bracket
J-3493 Torque tube yoke insulator cap screw
J-3503 Universal joint 142 1/2" W.B. assembly
J-3506 Universal joint rear flange
J-3518 Universal joint dust cap
J-3520 Radius rod assembly
J-3524 Radius rod bolt
J-3529 Universal joint dust cap felt washer
J-3532 Universal joint rear flange bolt
J-3535 Universal joint shaft nut
J-3544 Universal joint rubber balls
J-3551 Universal joint assembly
J-3783 Front fender bracket
J-3809 Fender to headlamp bolt clip
J-3810 Offset shackle pivot pin bushing
J-3811 Offset shackle front pin outer bushing
J-4011 Winterfront shutter pivot pin only
J-4025 Winterfront shutter blank
J-4103 Winterfront operating rod and yoke assembly
J-4104 Winterfront thermostat complete assembly
J-4104- 1 Radiator thermostat bellows assembly
J-4105 Winterfront thermostat gasket
J-4112 Winterfront LH support strip
J-4113 Winterfront RH support strip
J-4114 Winterfront shutter spring
J-4115 Winterfront shutter tie-rod
J-4116 Winterfront plunger yoke
J-4117 Winterfront operating rod
J-4119 Winterfront thermostat cup
J-4120 Winterfront thermostat cover
J-4120- 1 Shutter thermostat packing nut
J-4120- 2 Shutter thermostat crank arm
J-4120- 3 Shutter thermostat internal levers
J-4120- 4 Thermostat cover packing spring
J-4120- 5 Thermostat bellows stud
J-4120-6 Shutter thermostat spacer washer
J-4121 Winterfront thermostat crank arm pin
J-4122 Winterfront shutter operating bar
J-4124 Winterfront shutter operating bar stud
J-4145 Winterfront shutter operating link
J-4147 Winterfront LH bell crank
J-4148 Winterfront RH bell crank
J-4151 Winterfront shutter operating bar stud
J-4193 Radiator tie rod, right, bracket
J-4194 Radiator tie rod, left, bracket
J-4209 Radiator elbow hose clamp
J-4210-1 Radiator shell nut
J-4210-2 Radiator shell screw (.625)
J-4210-3 Radiator shell screw (.750)
J-4210-4 Radiator shell screw (1.00)
J-4211-A-1 Radiator Fedders tag
J-4212 Radiator Duesenberg name plate
J-4219 Radiator shell to core cup washer
J-4221-A Radiator inlet hose (after first 250 cars)
J-4222 Radiator thermostat housing (first 250 cars)
J-4228 Radiator outlet hose pipe (used to 250 cars)
J-4228-B Radiator outlet hose pipe (used after 250 cars)
J-4231 Radiator footing stud
J-4232 Radiator tank temperature bulb flange
J-4234 Radiator inlet neck, Fedders
J-4237 Radiator elbow hose clamp assembly
J-4238 Radiator lower hose clamp assembly
J-4241 Radiator crank bearing cover tube
J-4243 Radiator tie rod tube
J-4246-A Radiator filler neck, Fedders
J-4248 Radiator drain cock flange
J-4249 Radiator drain cock
J-4254 Radiator shell adaptor
J-4256 Radiator filler cap gasket
J-4268-A Radiator tie rod service installation
J-4270 Radiator crank hole cover
J-4272 Radiator filler cap spider (used from 51 to 500 cars)
J-4273 Radiator filler cap seal disc (used from 51 to 500 cars)
J-4274 Radiator filler cap seal washer (used from 51 cars)
J-4276-A Radiator diagonal tie rod assembly (Fedders)
J-4279 Radiator diagonal tie rod eye bolt
J-4353 Radiator ornament attaching screw
J-4384 Radiator cap ornament "Duesenbird"
J-4402 Down draft carburetor linkage,lever & shaft
J-4404-A Down draft carburetor bell crank steering rod assembly
J-4414-A Down draft control pivot pin
J-4425 Down draft carburetor throttle lever - long
J-4426 Down draft carburetor throttle linkage plate
J-4430 Down draft carburetor shaft link assembly
J-4450- 3 Steering gear control mounting tube base bushing
J-4450- 4 Light switch control tube and silencer assembly
J-4450- 5 Gas control tube and silencer assembly
J-4450- 6 Spark control tube and silencer assembly
J-4460- 7 Gas control lower lever
J-4460- 8 Spark control lower lever
J-4460-18 Steering gear #9 Woodruff wheel key
J-4460-23 Wheel nut (small)
J-4460-27 Steering gear jacket tube bushing
J-4460-34 Steering gear switch support
J-4460-35 Steering gear end plate
J-4460-37 Control mounting tube base bushing assembly
J-4460-38 Steering gear 5/8 tube spring bushing
J-4460-39 Steering gear 5/8 tube silencer bushing
J-4460-41 Steering gear 1/2" tube silencer bushing
J-4460-43 Steering gear 3/8 tube silencer bushing
J-4460-45 Steering gear 9/32 tube silencer assembly
J-4460-46 Gas control lever and ball assembly - sold with chrome ball
J-4460-48 Spark control lever and ball assembly - sold with chrome ball
J-4460-50 Lighting switch control lever stud and ball - sold with chrome ball
J-4460-53 Steering gear disc control ball
J-4460-54 Steering gear (1/2 tube disc) friction washer
J-4460-55 Steering gear (3/8 tube disc) friction washer
J-4460-56 Steering gear (9/32 tube disc) friction washer
J-4460-57 Steering gear (on top) friction washer
J-4460-58 Steering gear (below control cap) friction washer
J-4460-59 Steering gear friction washer spacer
J-4460-61 Steering gear trunnion shaft cork washer
J-4460-63 Steering gear upper control and tube assembly
J-4460-67 Steering wheel hub
J-4465 Horn button assembly
J-4466 Horn button
J-4479 Horn button return spring
J-4483 Steering gear control cap
J-4484 Steering wheel control ring
J-4520 Steering gear drag link assembly
J-4520- 1 Drag link end plug
J-4520-2 Drag link spring spacer
J-4520- 3 Drag link socket spring
J-4520- 4 Drag link ball socket
J-4531 Steering column bracket rubber
J-4532-A Steering column toeboard bracket screw
J-4535- 1 Steering column shield screw
J-4541 Steering gear to distributor rod assembly
J-4542 Steering gear to carburetor rod assembly
J-4600- 3 Steering gear outer lever shaft bushing
J-4600- 4 Steering gear inner lever shaft bushing
J-4600-8 Steering gear bearing ball retaining ring
J-4600-16 Steering gear peg and race
J-4600-17 Steering gear roller peg
J-4600-18 Steering gear roller race
J-4604-1 Steering gear drop arm lock washer
J-4611 Steering wheel hub
J-4646 Steering trunnion packing support
J-4700- 8-A Steering column control tube spider
J-4801- 2 Master cylinder outlet fitting gasket
J-4801- 3 Master cylinder outlet fitting
J-4801- 4 Master cylinder outlet hex plug
J-4801- 7 Master cylinder head gasket
J-4801-10-A Master cylinder piston & plug assembly
J-4801-11-A Master cylinder valve assembly
J-4801-12 Master cylinder piston stop
J-4801-13 Master cylinder piston spring retainer
J-4801-14 Master cylinder shaft oil seal cup
J-4801-14-A Master cylinder brake shaft oil seal washer
J-4801-15-A Master cylinder piston cup
J-4801-16-A Master cylinder brake shaft
J-4801-17 Master cylinder piston return spring
J-4801-19-A Master cylinder lever bolt
J-4801-20 Master cylinder cover gasket
J-4801-21-A Master cylinder barrel
J-4801-22 Master cylinder barrel, threaded removable
J-4801-30-A Master cylinder filler cap (Screw type)
J-4804 Master cylinder lever link
J-4807 Hydraulic brake line frame tee
J-4816 Hydraulic brake line torque tube connection
J-4821 Master cylinder to frame tee tube
J-4830 Frame to torque tube brake hose assembly
J-4833 Radius rod brake line clamp screw
J-4834 Radius rod brake line clamp
J-4854 Front axle brake hose connection
J-4855 Frame to front axle brake hose assembly 24 1/2"
J-4856 Hydraulic torque tube hose union jam nut
J-4857 Brake hose union
J-4859 Hydraulic brake line torque tube frame bracket
J-4862 Hydraulic brake hose to front axle frame bracket
J-4863 Hydraulic brake hose to front axle union
J-4864 Hydraulic brake hose to front axle union ell
J-4874 Hydraulic brake hose to front axle union screw
J-4875 Front brake line nut
J-4901- 2 Brake booster cover
J-4901-2-1 Brake booster cover shaft seal
J-4901- 3 Brake booster bellows retaining washer
J-4901- 5 Brake booster shaft bellows
J-4901- 7 Brake booster air cleaner
J-4901- 9 Brake booster air cleaner spring
J-4901-14 Brake booster piston rod nut
J-4901-16 Brake booster rod
J-4901-20 Brake booster leather seal
J-4901-25 Brake booster cylinder tag
J-4902 Brake booster brake lever
J-4903 Brake booster valve lever
J-4904 Brake booster valve assembly
J-4904- 1 Brake booster valve diaphragm
J-4904- 2 Brake booster valve bottom casting
J-4904- 3 Brake booster valve finger spring
J-4904- 4 Brake booster valve diaphragm spring
J-4904- 5 Brake booster valve actuating shaft
J-4904- 6 Brake booster valve diaphragm support washer
J-4904- 7 Brake booster valve bellows
J-4904- 8 Brake booster valve top casting
J-4905 Brake booster valve yoke
J-4906 Brake booster cylinder bracket
J-4908 Brake booster cylinder 142 1/2 W.B. cable
J-4909 Brake booster cylinder 153 1/2 W.B. cable
J-4910 Brake booster vacuum control assembly
J-4910- 1 Brake booster control unit housing
J-4910-2 Brake booster vacuum control shaft
J-4910- 3 Brake booster vacuum control diaphragm
J-4910- 4 Brake booster vacuum control valve shaft nut
J-4910- 5 Brake booster vacuum control valve shaft spring
J-4910- 6 Brake booster vacuum control valve shaft disk
J-4910- 7 Brake booster vacuum control splined shaft
J-4910- 8 Brake booster vacuum control shaft spring
J-4910- 9 Brake booster vacuum control shaft coupler disk
J-4910-10 Brake booster vacuum control shaft spring washer
J-4910-11 Brake booster vacuum control cover plate
J-4911 Brake booster control coupling collar
J-4912 Brake booster control washer
J-4913 Brake booster control lever
J-4914 Brake booster control weather dial
J-4915 Brake booster control instrument board bushing
J-4916 Brake booster control instrument board nut
J-4917-A Brake booster vacuum control support (after first 50 cars)
J-4918 Brake booster vacuum control support nut
J-4919 Brake booster cylinder 142 1/2 W.B. hose
J-4921 Brake booster hose elbow
J-4922-A Brake booster control shaft assembly(used after first 30)
J-4923-A Brake booster control shaft (used after 1st 30 units)
J-4924 Brake booster control shaft bearing end
J-4925 Brake booster control shaft coupling
J-4926-A Brake booster control to manifold hose (after 30 units)
J-4927 Brake booster control to manifold tube
J-4928 Brake booster intake manifold elbow
J-4930 Brake booster hose clamp assembly - chrome plated
J-4931-A Brake booster vacuum control to valve hose (after 30 units)
J-4932-A Brake booster vacuum control to valve tube assembly
J-4934 Brake booster vacuum control to valve tube cllip
J-4935 Brake booster control large washer
J-4936 Brake booster control small washer
J-4937 Brake booster control coupling yoke
J-4937- 1 Coupling control cable sleeve
J-4938 Brake booster 153 1/2 W.B. cylinder hose
J-4939 Brake booster control shaft sleeve
J-4948 Brake booster hose clip
J-5201-B Muffler assembly (used after first 250 cars)
J-5203 Muffler cutout control handle screw
J-5206 Exhaust pipe to manifold nut (first 250 cars) 5/16-24
J-5207 Exhaust pipe flange (first 250 cars only)
J-5208 Exhaust pipe gasket (first 250 cars only)
J-5221 Tail pipe shield & extension assembly
J-5225 Muffler cutout bell crank 142" pad
J-5227 Muffler cutout bell crank
J-5228 Muffler cutout control bottom lever
J-5229 Muffler cutout control shaft
J-5231 Muffler cutout control handle
J-5232 Tail pipe mounting strap
J-5233 Muffler tail pipe 142 1/2 W.B. RH assembly
J-5234 Muffler tail pipe 142 1/2 W.B. LH assembly
J-5236 Muffler tail pipe rear end
J-5238 Muffler tail pipe wedge plug
J-5241 Tail pipe middle support rod
J-5243 Tail pipe middle support spacer
J-5248 Muffler cutout control cross link
J-5250 Muffler tail pipe 153 1/2 W.B. RH assembly
J-5251 Muffler tail pipe 153 1/2 W.B. LH assembly
J-5253-B Muffler 142 1/2 W.B. cutout control link assembly
J-5253-C Muffler 153 1/2 W.B. cutout control link assembly
J-5266 Muffler outlet body gasket
J-5279 Front muffler bracket complete
J-5289 Muffler 142 1/2 W.B. rear support
J-5290 Muffler 153 1/2 W.B. rear support
J-5293-A Muffler outlet valve body assembly
J-5294 Muffler 142 1/2 W.B. front shield assembly
J-5294-A Muffler 142 1/2 W.B. front shield assembly
J-5294-A1 Front muffler heatshield bracket only
J-5300 Muffler rear shield assembly
J-5310 Muffler 153 1/2 W.B. front shield assembly
J-5310-A Muffler 153 1/2 W.B. front shield assembly
J-5319-A Exhaust pipe assembly (after 250 cars)
J-5320 Exhaust pipe front flange
J-5321 Exhaust pipe flange bolt
J-5322 Exhaust pipe flange bolt nut
J-5323 Exhaust pipe front flange gasket
J-5324 Exhaust pipe rear flange
J-5326 Exhaust pipe shield
J-5360 Tailpipe heatshield under gastank
J-5402 Instrument board plate
J-5409- 2 Speedometer shaft casing assembly
J-5415- 1 Heat indicator capillary tube nut
J-5417 Speedometer cable clip
J-5420 Dash tachometer shaft plate
J-5421 Dash wire cover
J-5422 Speedometer shaft grommet
J-5423 Speedometer shaft grommet clamp
J-5425 Coil to instrument board screw
J-5426 Coil lock bezel
J-5428 Instrument board top and side moulding
J-5431 Choke control wire assembly
J-5431-A Chok knob only
J-5431-1 Choke control wire clamp
J-5432 Starter control wire assembly
J-5450 Instrument board light switch
J-5467 Accelerator pedal toe board bracket
J-5468 Accelerator pedal spring washer
J-5473 Accelerator cam lever
J-5474 Accelerator cam lever dash bracket
J-5475 Accelerator cam lever pin
J-5480 Accelerator pedal rod yoke end
J-5484 Accelerator pedal pad guide
J-5488 Signal light stud
J-5489 Signal light stud nut
J-5491 Signal light body
J-5492 Signal light bezel
J-5493 Coil lock bezel
J-5495 Signal lamp socket insulator
J-5496 Signal lamp socket connector
J-5497 Chassis lubricator signal light lens
J-5498 Battery signal light lens
J-5499 Oil signal light lens
J-5506 Accelerator pedal and rubber assembly
J-5509 Signal light bezel spring
J-5510 Dash wire cover screw
J-5511 Heat indicator tube dash grommet
J-5515-A Instrument board hand brake lever rest
J-5528 Dash wire harness grommet
J-5540 Dash name plate assembly
J-5546 Heat indicator manifold plug
J-5547 Dash name plate spacer
J-5606- 1 King Seeley gauge body casting
J-5606- 2 Gas gauge red fluid
J-5606- 3 Gas gauge reservoir retaining nut
J-5606- 4 Gasoline gauge adapter ring
J-5609 Gasoline gauge line
J-5610 Gasoline gauge tank unit for electric gauges
J-5611 Gasoline gauge tank unit for King Seeley Gauges
*Sold with a core charge - $175.00 refunded on receipt of a rebuildable core
J-5615 Gasoline gauge head dash strap
J-5628 Instrument board RH support bracket
J-5649 Small gauge threaded bezel
J-5652 Speedometer and tachometer back plate
J-5654 Speedometer and tachometer lens
J-5664 Ammeter, water, oil, brake, gauge beveled lens
J-5665 Ammeter dash strap
J-5667 Altimeter instrument board clamp screws
J-5669 Chronograph mounting strap
J-5670 Chronograph mounting strap nut
J-5671 Ammeter, oil, brake, gas, temp gauge lens spacer
J-5673 Gasoline gauge lense
J-5700-A-13 Front spring center bolt
J-5709 Offset shackle pivot pin filler
J-5712 Offset shackle pivot arm
J-5714 Offset shackle packing
J-5715 Front spring front pivot pin filler
J-5717 Front spring front pivot pin
J-5718 Front spring front pivot pin nut
J-5719 Front spring front eye bushing
J-5729 Spring shackle bolt
J-5730 Shackle bolt nut
J-5731 Spring eye bushing
J-5736 Rear spring front pivot pin filler
J-5748 Upper offset shackle pivot pin assembly
J-5753 Front engine support cushion cup
J-5755 Front engine support cushion
J-5756 Rear engine support cushion
J-5757 Engine support disc cushion
J-5757-A Front engine mount cushion disk
J-5759 Front engine support cushion washer
J-5760 Rear engine support cushion washer
J-5761 Front engine support spring
J-5762 Front engine support spring washer
J-5763 Front engine support bolt
J-5764 Rear engine support bolt
J-5765 Rear engine support shim
J-5773 Zenith Fuel filter assembly
J-5773- 1 Zenith fuel filter top
J-5773- 2 Zenith fuel filter bails with clamp
J-5773-10 Zenith Fuel Filter Bowl
J-5773-16 Zenith Fuel filter gasket
J-5774-17 1/4 Pipe to 3/8 Tube Union
J-5775 Fuel Filter Mounting Bracket, Zenith
J-5801 Gas tank front bracket
J-5804 Gas tank filler cap
J-5805 Gas tank filler vent
J-5807 Gas tank gauge flange
J-5812 Gas tank filler vent cap hinge pin
J-5814 Gas tank filler
J-5816 Gas tank filler vent flange (used after first 51 cars)
J-5821 Gas tank supply pipe flange (first 250 cars only)
J-5825 Gas tank end bracket
J-5826 Gas tank assembly (used to 250 cars only)
J-5829-A Gas and oil line clamp block
J-5832 Gas tank bracket leather washer
J-5835 Gas tank filler cap and vent assembly
J-5836 Gas tank filler cap handle
J-5837 Gas tank filler cap spring plate
J-5838 Gas tank filler cap lock plate
J-5847 Gas tank gas pump as installed assembly
J-5852 Front RH shock absorber Lovejoy assembly
J-5853 Front LH shock absorber Lovejoy assembly
J-5854 Rear RH shock absorber Lovejoy assembly
J-5854- 1A Shock absorber metering rod
J-5854- 1B Shock absorber metering pin spring
J-5854- 2 Shock absorber relief valve assembly
J-5854- 2A Relief valve spring "E"
J-5854- 2B Relief valve spring "P"
J-5854- 3 Shock absorber cover gasket
J-5854- 4 Relief valve sealing washer
J-5855 Rear LH shock absorber assembly
J-5855-1 Rear shock absorber housing
J-5856 Rear shock absorber front spacer
J-5858 Rear shock absorber connecting link RH bracket
J-5859 Rear shock absorber connecting link LH bracket
J-5863 Rear shock absorber rear spacer
J-5865- 5 Front car bumper escutcheon plate only
J-5865- 6 Front car bumper shock bar tie bolt
J-5865- 7 Car bumper shock bar tie bolt nut
J-5866- 2 Rear car bumper back bar
J-5866- 4 Rear car bumper escutcheon plate only
J-5866-5 Rear car bumper escutcheon plate spacer
J-5866- 6 Rear car bumper tie bolt
J-5868 Car bumper hold on clip bolt
J-5869 Car bumper hold on clip bolt nut
J-5871 Car bumper spacer upper bolt
J-5872 Front spring rubber bumper assembly
J-5873- B Rear spring rubber bumper assembly
J-5875 License plate bar
J-5876-A Front license plate bar bracket
J-5886 Spare wheel support bolt plate
J-5888 Spare wheel hub cap and lock assembly
J-5893 Spare wheel support hub
J-5894 Spare wheel hub cap lock
J-5899 Rear shock absorber link assembly w/seals, washers & clips
J-5900- 5 Stabilator strap assembly
J-5900-15 Stabilator center shaft
J-5900-21 Stabilator back housing stud
J-5908 Stabilator front strap anchor
J-5909 Stabilator strap clip
J-5910 Front shock absorber RH assembly
J-5910-2 Front shock absorber housing
J-5911 Front shock absorber LH assembly
J-5912 Front shock absorber link assembly w/seals, washers & clips
J-5913 Shock absorber link felt washer
J-5916 Rear spring rubber bumper plate
J-5917 Shock absorber link steel washer
J-5918 Stabilator strap clip bolt
J-5919 Lovejoy shock absorber link spring clip
J-5921 Rear car bumper clip lower bolt
J-5924 Spare wheel hub cap lock assembly
J-5931-A Stabilator bracket
J-5998- 1 Spare wheel hubcap, only
J-6010- 2 Chassis lubricator supply tank cap
J-6010- 6 Chassis lubricator supply tank filler cap washer
J-6010- 7 Chassis lubricator supply tank attaching strap
J-6010- 8 Chassis lubricator supply tank attaching bolt
J-6010- 9 Chassis lubricator supply tank bottom cap
J-6010-10 Chassis lubricator supply tank cap tag
J-6010-11 Chassis lubricator supply tank cap tag rivet
J-6010-12 Chassis lubricator supply tank bottom cap gasket
J-6012 Chassis lubricator system F.S.A.-2 drip plug
J-6013 Chassis lubricator system F.S.A.-4 drip plug
J-6014 Chassis lubricator system F.T.A.-3 drip plug
J-6015 Chassis lubricator system F.T.A.-4 drip plug
J-6018 Chassis lubricator system F.S.A-3 drip plug
J-6020 Chassis lubricator system 2 way junction
J-6023 Chassis lubricator system J.H.J.-3 3-way junction
J-6024 Chassis lubricator system J.H.K. 4-way junction
J-6026 Chassis lubricator system J.H.J. 5 way junction
J-6027 Chassis lubricator system elbow adapter (drag link)
J-6028 Chassis lubricator system elbow adapter
J-6030 Chassis lubricator 5/32" tubing, 12 foot roll
J-6035 Chassis lubrication junction 4 way to 1/8 NPT
J-6038 Chassis lubrication system drip plug nut
J-6039 Chassis lubricator system 5/32 junction bushing
J-6040 Chassis lubricator system 5/32 compression sleeve
J-6041 Chassis lubricator torque tube hose assembly
J-6042 Chassis lubricator drag link hose assembly
J-6043 Chassis lubricator drag link hose frame fitting
J-6044 Chassis lubricator 5/16 tube bushing
J-6045 Chassis lubricator 5/16 tube sleeve
J-6049 Chassis lubricator F.S.A-00 drip plug
J-6054 Chassis lubricator front shock absorber frame fitting
J-6055 Chassis lubricator shock absorber arm swivel
J-6096 Drag link oil line clip
J-6097 Chassis lubricator tank to pump tube clip
J-6098 Chassis lubricator tubing clamp (frame)
J-6099 Chassis lubricator tubing clamp (shock absorber)
J-6307-1 Houk hub dowel pins
J-6310 Hub cap name plate
J-6370 Hubcap tension spring
J-6371 Hub cap lock retaining pin
J-6440-4 Headlamp reflector*
*Resilvered exchange - core charge of $75.00 if reflector is no good

J-6460- 5 Headlamp reflector gasket
J-6460-10 Headlamp prop washer
J-6460-14 Headlamp lens retaining wire
J-6465 Headlamp bolt washer
J-6475-18 Tail lamp lower lens retainer
J-6475-24 Tail lamp main lens
J-6477 Tail lamp bracket clamp screw
J-6478 Tail lamp bracket clamp sleeve
J-6484 Stop light switch assembly
J-6485 Stop light switch adapter
J-6486 Back up light switch
J-6490-8 Cowl lamp lens & reflector retaining wire assembly
J-6490-10 Cowl lamp mounting bolt
J-6510 Horn bracket nut
J-6533 Battery box front guide block
J-6534 Battery box rear guide block
J-6550- 4 Trumpet horn base
J-6550- 5 Trumpet horn cover (chrome plated)
J-6550-5-U Trumpet horn cover (unplated)
J-6550-30 Trumpet horn elbow assembly
J-6550-34 Klaxon horn tag for K-22
J-6550-35 Trumpet horn projector threaded sleeve
J-6550-36 Trumpet horn 1/4-24 short screw
J-6550-37 Trumpet horn 1/4-24 long screw
J-6551 Trumpet horn spring bracket
J-6556 Current limit relay
J-6557 Steering gear lighting switch
J-6561 Battery ground strap
J-6562 Engine ground strap
J-6568 Starter switch lever lower pin
J-6569 Starter switch lever
J-6570 Horn wire and lighting wire terminal
J-6573 Steering gear lighting switch cover
J-6574 Steering gear lighting switch terminal plate
J-6575 Junction block assembly
J-6575- 1 Junction block cover
J-6576 Spark plug wire terminal
J-6593-S Trumpet horn wire junction hole cover
J-6594 Trumpet horn wire socket terminal
J-6611 Signal light harness assembly
J-6612 Wiring harness assembly (first 250 cars only)
J-6613 Headlamp wire assembly
J-6614 Stop-back-up-tail lamp 142 1/2 W.B. harness assembly
J-6615 Stop-back-up-tail lamp 153 1/2 W.B. harness assembly
J-6616 Battery to starting switch cable positive assembly
J-6625 Positive battery cable
J-6957 Floorboard latch key
J-6959 Cam cover wrench
J-6969 Fan adjusting wrench
J-6985 Water pump gland wrench
J-7012 Front axle pivot pin bearing retainer nut wrench
J-7050 Camshaft timer
J-7052 Crankshaft sludge pocket splined plug tool
J-7053 Stabilator adjusting wrench
J-7102 Rear frame cover brace
J-7104 Battery box front end
J-7105 Battery box rear end
J-7122 Tool box front end
J-7123 Tool box rear end
J-7130-A Radiator splash apron (used on cars with Pines winterfront)
J-7147-A Rear fender trim bar bolt square nut
J-7150 Engine right front side pan
J-7151-A Engine right front center side pan 2pc ISX
J-7152-A Engine pan right #3 ISX 2PC
J-7153 Engine left front side pan
J-7154 Engine left center side pan
J-7155 Engine left rear side pan
J-7156 Radiator hood lacing
J-7157 Dash hood lacing
J-7166 Center hood hinge rivet
J-7168-A Hood RH ledge (used on cars equipped with Pines winter front)
J-7169-A Hood LH ledge (used on cars equipped with Pines winter front)
J-7171 Hood rest
J-7173 Hood ledge small spacer
J-7184 Running board RH front bolt plate
J-7185 Running board LH front bolt plate
J-7186 Running board RH rear bolt plate
J-7187 Running board LH rear bolt plate
J-7188 Running board trim 142 1/2 W.B.
J-7189 Running board 153 1/2 W.B. trim
J-7190 Running board 142 1/2 W.B. trim support
J-7191 Running board 153 1/2 W.B. trim support
J-7199-1 Running board step bolt spacer
J-7199-S Running board step bolt
J-7204 Battery and tool box cover lock handle
J-7205 Battery and tool box cover lock bracket
J-7206 Battery and tool box cover operating hub
J-7207 Battery and tool box cover forked lock bar
J-7208 Battery and tool box cover straight lock bar
J-7210 Battery and tool box cover lock bar guide
J-7211 Battery and tool box cover lock handle nut
J-7212 Battery and tool box cover lock operating rod
J-7213 Battery and tool box cover lock bar pivot
J-7214 Hood, battery and tool box lock
J-7215 Battery and tool box cover plate and pivot assembly
J-7217 Hood hook pivot stud
J-7218 Hood hook bracket
J-7219 Hood hook cylinder spring screw
J-7226 Hood center bracket rubber bumper
J-7227 Hood hook eye bolt spring
J-7229 Hood operating handle
J-7231 Hood lock cylinder ejector spring
J-7232 Hood lock cylinder retaining plate
J-7233 Hood lock center bracket
J-7234 Hood lock operating lever
J-7235 Hood hook ball stud 3/8 hex
J-7235- 1 Hood hook ball stud 5/16 hex
J-7244 Hood hook pivot bushing
J-7245 Muffler cutout bell crank washer
J-7246 Hood latch eye bolt
J-7247 Hood lock operating rod assembly
J-7249 Hood latch rod ball stud end
J-7249- 1 Latch rod end plug
J-7249- 2 Latch rod end ball seat
J-7249- 3 Latch rod end ball seat spring
J-7280 Engine side pan screw (Frame side)
J-7280-B Engine side pan screw (1/4-28 thread)
J-7288 Engine right rear side pan
J-7321 Running board step moulding long moulding
J-7321-A Running board bulk moulding rubber (sold by the foot)
J-7324 Running board step short molding (153 1/2" W.B.)
J-7403 Hood door knob
J-7407 Hood door spring
J-7802 Bumper clip and trunk rack upper bolt
J-7803 Bumper clip and trunk rack lower bolt
J-7906-AA Trunk rack lower RH bracket (For intermediate mounting)
J-7907-AA Trunk rack lower LH bracket (For intermediate
J-7913 Acorn 3/8-24 lock nut
J-7914 Acorn head 3/8-24 x 1 cap screw
J-7915 Trunk rack brace slotted screw
J-7916 Acorn head 3/8-24 x 1 1/8 cap screw
J-7917 Acorn head 3/8-24 x 1 3/8 cap screw
J-7918 Trunk rack friction washer
J-7919 Round edge cut washer
J-8000 Duesenberg script
JA-1008 Clutch release shaft washer
JA-1390 Hand brake pawl rod lever screw
JA-1398 Hand brake lever spring
JA-1592-A Brake bleeder screw
JA-1595 Toggle arm friction disc
JA-1601-A Battery clamp lever spring washer
JA-1605 Brake shoe upper pin washer
JA-1617 Brake toggle adjusting lock nut
JA-1629 Brake shoe lower pin washer
JA-1644 Front wheel hub RH nut
JA-1645 Front wheel hub LH nut
JA-1647 Front wheel hub nut washer
JA-1654 Front wheel hub outer bearing
JA-2010 Differential oil hole gasket
JA-2439 Gas tank drain flange
JA-3054 Oil pressure gauge dash elbow
JA-3055 Hydraulic brake gauge dash elbow
JA-3126 Ignition wire grommet
JA-3127 Switch wire grommet
JA-3215 Brake shut off valve assembly
JA-3815 Accelerator pedal leather washer
JA-3818 Accelerator pedal spring
JA-3858 Hood rest screw
JA-8046 Hood ledge large spacer
JA-8048 Hood ledge screw
JR-1599 Clutch spring insulator button
JX-1901-A Rear axle wheel & pinion bearing
JX-1908 Rear axle wheel bearing nut lock washer
JX-2009 Differential oil plug
JX-2042 Differential bearing - left
JX-2064 Pinion bearing front
JX-2081 Bevel pinion nut
JX-2087 Bevel drive pinion washer
OJ- 341-B Vibration damper assembly
OJ- 432 Valve tappet adjusting nut assembly
OJ- 883 Relief valve flexible shaft assembly